Frequently Asked Questions

How does eTherapyFinder, Inc. define behavioral health provider?
A behavioral health provider is a licensed therapist, clinician or medical doctor who is licensed to practice and treat clients in a broad range of behavioral health subspecialties.
Do I have to be registered and connected with a behavioral health provider before I search for information on
No. Searching for articles, videos, groups, or even through the profiles of behavioral health providers on does not require an account.
As a client, why must I register with
To ensure the privacy of your protected health information, any communication between a client and a potential behavioral health provider on must take place between secure, registered accounts. Not only does this ensure your secure and private communication with a behavioral health provider, it also simplifies the payment process between you and the behavioral health provider you select.
As a client, how much does it cost to register on
There is no cost for clients to register and maintain a secure Dashboard on Your registration allows you to securely connect and communicate with a behavioral health provider that you select. If you are accepted as a client of the behavioral health provider, you will be responsible for paying the behavioral health provider via the platform. Behavioral health providers set their own rates and you can securely pay for their services through your Dashboard on
Why does require payment information before I confirm an appointment with a behavioral health provider?
Since payment for services is required at the time of your session, you must have an active form of payment on file with prior to confirming an appointment with your behavioral health provider. will confirm that your payment method is valid and the behavioral health provider will only charge you for services rendered at the time of your appointment.
Are there any cancellation fees if I cancel or miss an appointment?
Just as each behavioral health provider sets their own rates, each will maintain their own cancellation policy for cancelled appointments. Before choosing a behavioral health provider and scheduling an appointment, make sure you understand their cancellation policy.
Does bill my insurance?
No. provides behavioral health providers and their clients an easy, safe and effective way to connect and communicate securely in a HIPAA compliant environment. is not an insurance billing service nor do we provide insurance verification. However, provides you and the behavioral health provider with a statement of your session so that you or they can bill your insurance company directly. Check with your behavioral health provider to see if he or she accepts health insurance and, if so, if they are a preferred provider within your insurance network. Consider contacting your insurance company to verify whether your policy offers in or out of network coverage and reimbursement for behavioral health treatment. They can advise you on the coverage, coding and reimbursement policies required to submit a claim.
What is HIPAA?
"HIPAA" is an abbreviation for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. This Federal law, enacted in 1996, covers many health care topics. However, health care professionals and the general public typically use the term "HIPAA" to mean the protection of an individual’s private health information or “PHI”.
How do I know that my information and communication is secure on
eTherapyfinder, Inc. has an extensive HIPAA Compliance Program, read more about it here.
What if my behavioral health provider is not registered with Can he/she join?
Yes! As long as your behavioral health provider has a valid, professional state license, he or she may register and post a profile for free on Simply refer the provider to for more information and to register. After your behavioral health provider registers, they can invite you as a client, or you can connect with them via's search function.
What type of requirements do behavioral health providers have to meet in order to post a profile on
They must have at least one state license in their field of practice, as well as be insured under a professional liability insurance policy. And both their license and liability insurance policy must be active, current, and in good standing.
Do I need to be registered and connected with a behavioral health provider before I can participate in a session?
Yes. In order to ensure all interactions between you and your behavioral health provider remain private and secure, you must registered and connected with your behavioral health provider before participating in a session with them. Registration is free and provides you with an internal Dashboard where you can send and receive private messages with your behavioral health provider, participate in sessions, learn more about different types of therapy and much more.
How do I schedule a session with a behavioral health provider?
You must first register with to ensure you can communicate securely within our closed, HIPAA-compliant network. Once you are registered, you can connect with a provider from their profile page by clicking on the ‘Request an Appointment” button. After you connect, the behavioral health provider will contact you to arrange an initial consultation or schedule a session.
If I don’t have a behavioral health provider, can I still schedule a session?
Yes, the first step is to search for a behavioral health provider that fits your specific needs. Then send a secure message or request an appointment from the provider's online profile. Once you connect with the provider, they can reply to your message or schedule an appointment for a session.
How do I know if my computer is capable of handling a video session with my behavioral health provider?
The video platform works on your desktop or laptop via the following web browsers:
  • Chrome, Firefox and Opera on Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Internet Explorer 10+ on Windows
  • Safari 11+ on MacOS

To see if your desktop or laptop is compatible with our video conferencing system, visit and run a free test.
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