About Us

eTherapyFinder.com is a website domain wholly owned by eTherapyfinder, Inc., a California corporation. We are a team of experienced professionals with backgrounds in therapy and clinical work, e-commerce, technology, and law. We recognize that there is a growing need for greater access to mental health professionals, and believe in making therapy more widely accessible.

Therapists enable people to lead healthier and more fulfilling lives. Research shows that the more interactions and support a client has with their therapist, the better the outcome of the therapy provided. It is our goal to facilitate both clinicians and clients to find and build healthy, therapeutic connections with one another.

Our team is dedicated to building a more effective way for therapists to be found by clients online. By allowing therapists to build a free in-depth profile, we ensure that talented professionals can be readily found by the clients seeking them. For clients, we provide an open database of registered therapists who are licensed in their state and able to meet their therapy needs.

We believe that whether therapy connections are facilitated via our Virtual Office, or in person, we are helping to make therapy widely accessible.



Jeff Rohling

Chief Executive Officer

Jeff has always enjoyed developing new and innovative ways to solve problems. As CEO and co-founder of eTherapyfinder, Inc. he is drawn to the challenge of making mental health resources more widely accessible. Jeff brings over 30 years of senior executive marketing and e-commerce experience from iconic Fortune 100 brands. His friends and associates say he loves to create something from nothing and at eTherapyfinder, Inc., he has led the creation of a professional online resource to advocate and deliver ethical mental health to those who need it.


Mark Frechette

Chief Financial Officer

Mark Frechette has over 30 years of experience in Financial Management, in industries ranging from technology to manufacturing to banking. His career includes positions at General Electric, State Street Boston and Source Electronics Corp, where he was CFO for 13 years and guided the company through significant growth. He is a graduate of Georgetown University, the General Electric Financial Management program and the University of California at Berkeley.


Peter Rohling

Chief Marketing Officer

Peter always seeks the next big challenge, and he co-founded eTherapyfinder, Inc in order to solve a puzzle: How can you get mental health help to people whose access options are limited? As Chief Marketing Officer, he brings a passion for both technology and marketing, as well as analytics experience to better understand and connect with clients in a virtual setting. Peter's passion for mental health stems from his wife, who has a long history of working in a hospital setting. Her passion in serving and advocating for better mental health care inspired Peter to find ways he could contribute to the field as well. He is using his position with eTherapyfinder, Inc to raise awareness about mental health and help end the stigma surrounding it.


Kent Peters

Member, Advisory Board

Kent Peters has directed the Office for Social Ministry in the Diocese of San Diego from 1997 to 2018. He directed the Office for the Social Apostolate in the Diocese of Duluth, Minnesota, from 1989 to 1997. From 1980 to 1989, he taught undergraduate philosophy at the University of St. Thomas and high school religion at St. Thomas Academy, both in St. Paul, Minnesota. Mr. Peters served on the Board of Directors of the National Catholic Partnership on Disability for ten years starting in 1992 and was board chair from 1997 to 2002. In 2003, Mr. Peters helped to create "Safe Place Faith Communities," a congregation-based ministry to congregation members and neighbors who are experiencing relationship or domestic violence. In 2014, Mr. Peters created and developed the San Diego Diocesan Mental Health Ministry Network and helped launch the Catholic Institute of Mental Health Ministry, CIMHM at the University of San Diego to perpetuate this ministry throughout all of the diocese in the United States. This ministry today is comprised of the institute, 4 diocese, 22 parishes with a total of 170 outreach ministry volunteers available to families experiencing mental health challenges.

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